Commercial Terms - Contingent


Professional Fee   ▫   Standard contingent professional service fee calculated at (25%) of the first-year salary for each employed.

Guarantee   ▫   If the employment of the candidate identified by us and employed by you is terminated or resigns within (90) days following the date of employment, we would restart the assignment under the terms and conditions of this letter, charging no further fee except for direct out-of-pocket expenses.

Invoicing   ▫   Our professional service fee is invoiced at (NET 30) after the candidate has successfully started in their assignment.

Expenses   ▫   Incurred costs to the recruiting firm such as employer requested professional assessments will be invoiced monthly throughout the duration of the search. Candidate interview and travel expenses are paid, or reimbursed, by the employer.

Off Limits   ▫   We will not recruit employees of your organization for a period of (12) months following the date of the last job order assigned to our firm.

Candidate Referral   ▫   Candidates that are presented by SaxonCantrell are subject to the fee agreement for (12) months following initial presentation.

Client Information   ▫   We will protect, to the extent not prohibited by law, client information that is sensitive, private or confidential. Critical and sensitive information about our clients is limited to the assigned team only.

Insurance   ▫   SaxonCantrell has all applicable business insurance. If selected, we will supply necessary documentation and proof of insurance as required.

DUNS Number   ▫   05-612-9282