Creative Strategy Manager

Manager, Creative Strategy

Atlanta, GA

January 2011



Coca-Cola, the world’s most recognized brand, was interested in bringing more of their creative projects in-house. They were looking to add a senior level professional, with extensive creative experience both in-house and at an agency, to inspire and build a team that would lead event management and informational marketing through video, print, web, and graphic design campaigns.

The company was interested in anyone in the nation with experience leading similar initiatives for other leading brands and Fortune 50 organizations.



Coca-Cola had previously found difficulty in building and keeping a good creative team.

The Manager would need to run the operation as a small business, or an agency within Coke, to ensure that the team remained cost neutral or broke-even in a competitive bidding process.

Because of the push to bring more work in-house for the first time, there was not a clear career path within the Marketing department. However, a top-tier professional with career growth ambitions was desired.



We identified similar leading brands, and the top ten national agencies who provided services to these companies.

A blitz campaign was used to uncover nine qualified candidates within the first two-weeks.



A local candidate who was running Interactive Content Strategy and Blogs for The Home Depot was selected.

This individual had 16 years of experience that started at agencies and then progressed to leading teams at three of the city’s most recognized employers.



Assignment Start Date:  January 20, 2011

Start Date:  71 Days

Number of Candidates Interviewed:  4

Number of Candidates Submitted:  9