Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development, Fossil Power

Atlanta, GA

June 2012



A specialty services contractor that performs outage work at power plants and industrial facilities was undergoing rapid growth after a recent acquisition. The organization added many new executive level positions in business development and operations within a short period.



Our firm was tasked with securing a construction services professional to oversee relations with all the fossil power generating plants across the country. This position would also interact with nuclear power sites, so it was imperative that candidates possess a great deal of fossil experience, but also a few years of exposer to nuclear.



A wide-ranging search was initiated to uncover individuals with the required blend of experience. Two strong candidates were presented within the first couple days of the search. The client felt confident that they could select a finalist between the two, so we turned our attention back to the other active projects the client had us engaged on.


THE OUTCOME                                                        

The client selected an individual based in Charlotte with twenty-years of combined commercial power plant experience. Charlotte is a hub for the US power industry, allowing the candidate to work remotely proved beneficial to their ability to maintain face to face relationships with local clients, business partners, and sub-contractors.

The growth plans that the client envisioned provided a clear career path to more significant leadership responsibilities that the candidate was seeking.



Assignment Start Date:  March 30, 2012

First Candidate Submitted:  0 Days

Hired Candidate Submitted:  3 Days

Hired Candidate First Interview:  20 Days

Offer Extended: 42 Days

Start Date:  63 Days

Candidates Interviewed:  2

Candidates Submitted:  2