Vice President of Business Development

Vice President of Business Development

Atlanta, GA

December 2011



An industry leader in specialty welding at nuclear power sites had just lost their business development executive, and the right-hand of the General Manager, to another company. The client put a great deal of pressure on our firm to see candidates as soon as possible and to get the search wrapped up quickly.

This position leads four Regional BD Managers and is tasked with expanding service revenue by offering additional capabilities to existing clients.

The SVP, General Manager, wanted to bring someone on who could eventually take over the P&L and his responsibilities.



The position was based out of the corporate headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia. Although there were a handful of nuclear power service providers in the area, it was likely that the candidate would require relocation from elsewhere.



With the assumption that this person would likely relocate, we were able to search the entire United States and talk with a range of business development executives in the industry. A status report was maintained and shared with the hiring manager and Talent Acquisition on a weekly basis. More than one-hundred people were communicated with during the search.



Two months after starting the recruiting process, the previous VP of Business Development, whom we were attempting to replace, decided the “grass was not greener on the other side” and came back to the company.

The hiring manager was so pleased with the quality of service received by our firm that he insisted on paying a partial fee, although work was performed under a contingency agreement, to show his gratitude and appreciation for the time and effort invested.



Assignment Start Date:  October 11, 2011

First Candidate Submitted:  3 Days

Employee Returned and Search Canceled:  65 Days

Candidates Submitted:  2