Vice President of Business Development

Vice President of Business Development

Tucker, GA

August 2012




The client had relied on our recruiting team since 2010 to find and secure divisional president’s, business development, legal, and finance executives. The SVP Business Development and Strategy, whom we had placed the previous year, was in search of a senior sales professional with relationships at Exelon, the largest owner of nuclear plants in the United States.

Due to the possibility of projects with such a large utility company, it was imperative that the right person be hired to lead the relationship.



The clients relatively smaller size, in comparison to other vendors across the country who offer similar plant construction and maintenance services, often enables the company to stay light on their feet, be creative, and provide better solutions.  Many of the prospective candidates we talked with were eager to entertain an opportunity that allowed them to serve their customers better through additional offerings.



We had been working with the client for nearly twelve consecutive months on business development searches. Before it was decided that a dedicated VP-level professional would be needed to manage the Exelon account, a few candidates with the required experience were already in the works.


THE OUTCOME                                                        

Our team was able to engage the Exelon account manager for Westinghouse Electric, the largest nuclear product and service provider. This individual was already selling similar maintenance and modification projects to the utility, but different enough not to interfere with the current non-compete/non-solicit.

We were able to incentivize this person to make a career change by providing an opportunity to sell an entire portfolio of services rather than a narrower product line that is common for sales professionals at large corporations.



Assignment Start Date:  April 15, 2012

First Candidate Submitted:  2 Days

Hired Candidate Submitted:  30 Days

Hired Candidate First Interview:  40 Days

Offer Extended: 92 Days

Start Date:  120 Days

Candidates Interviewed:  5

Candidates Submitted:  5